What We Do

Coach Ken Baker was a remarkable man. During his nearly 40 years as a teacher and coach at East Greenbush, Hoosick Falls and Cambridge, he brought out the very best in the hundreds of young men and women whose lives he touched. 

Our Mission

Guided by integrity, driven by passion and committed to excellence, the mission of the Coach Baker Fund is to recognize and promote exemplary character and citizenship in the youth of Hoosick Falls and Cambridge.

What the Fund Provides

  • A $3,000 scholarship to a deserving student in the Hoosick Falls Central School graduating class and the Cambridge Central School graduating class

  • Grant opportunities to area programs focused on youth, healthy alternatives and improving the community

Supported Community Programs

Past Scholarship Recipients


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2019 - Skyelyn Haynes (Hoosick Falls) and Tre Rossi (Cambridge)

2018 - Drew Hoag (Hoosick Falls) and Brenden Holcomb (Cambridge)

2017 - Meg Henry (Hoosick Falls) and Max Ratelle (Cambridge)

2016 - Andy Romack (Cambridge) and Anna Wysocki (Hoosick Falls)

2015 - Caleb Rowland (Cambridge) and Joshua Wood (Hoosick Falls)

2014 - Levi Brewster (Hoosick Falls) and Sarah Cuddihy (Cambridge)

2013 - Matt Parmenter (Cambridge) and Frankie Pearson (Hoosick Falls)

2012 - Leslie Brownell (Cambridge) and Alex Lilac (Hoosick Falls)

2011 - Michael Brewster (Hoosick Falls) and Bridget Cuddihy (Cambridge)

2010 - Justin Braun (Cambridge) and Kelsey Rogers (Hoosick Falls)

2009 - Jordon Hastings (Cambridge) and Carly Pine (Hoosick Falls)