The Coach Ken Baker Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a deserving senior from the Hoosick Falls and Cambridge Central School districts. The student must exemplify the values of Coach Ken Baker through their demonstration of respect, perseverance, hard-work and a love of competition. Each student is awarded a $3,000 one-time scholarship to be used to assist them with expenses as they transition from high school to college.

The 2019 application is closed.

Note: If you started your application, you can resume an application in progress.


2019 - Skyelyn Haynes (Hoosick Falls) and Tre Rossi (Cambridge)

2018 - Drew Hoag (Hoosick Falls) and Brenden Holcomb (Cambridge)

2017 - Meg Henry (Hoosick Falls) and
Max Ratelle (Cambridge)

2016 - Andy Romack (Cambridge) and Anna Wysocki (Hoosick Falls)

2015 - Caleb Rowland (Cambridge) and Joshua Wood (Hoosick Falls)

2014 - Levi Brewster (Hoosick Falls) and Sarah Cuddihy (Cambridge)

2013 - Matt Parmenter (Cambridge) and Frankie Pearson (Hoosick Falls)

2012 - Leslie Brownell (Cambridge) and Alex Lilac (Hoosick Falls)

2011 - Michael Brewster (Hoosick Falls) and Bridget Cuddihy (Cambridge)

2010 - Justin Braun (Cambridge) and Kelsey Rogers (Hoosick Falls)

2009 - Jordon Hastings (Cambridge) and Carly Pine (Hoosick Falls)